High Voltage Testing and Engineering Commission


High Voltage Testing an Engineering Commission

Hagenholzstrasse 81
8050 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 253 62 62
Mail: info@fkh.ch

E-mail contact addresses for the individual services:

  • Power transformer diagnostics: trafo@fkh.ch
  • Cable testing: kabel@fkh.ch
  •  Grounding/earthing measurements: erdungen@fkh.ch
  •  Advisory service and expert reports: studien@fkh.ch
  • Tests on medium and high-voltage switchgear (GIS): gis@fkh.ch
  • Oil analyses: oellabor@fkh.ch

Buchholz alarm:

Tel: +41 62 288 77 99
Outside business hours, please ring for a long time, if no employee answers, please speak on the Combox.

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