High Voltage Testing and Engineering Commission

Membership and Members

FKH is an association with members in Switzerland and abroad. This chart shows the approximate breakdown of members:

You can find a list of our current members under the following link

List of members


FKH members benefit from:

  • Members’ discount on all services provided by FKH itself (testing services and expert opinions)
  • KH’s activities to promote the development of specialist knowledge in the field of high-voltage technology and related disciplines
  • Specialist information issued to members
  • Access to an extensive collection of literature and standards in the field of high-voltage technology
  • Specialised events and courses organised and staged at discounted prices for employees of corporate members
  • Development work on high-voltage testing methods and implementation of research projects; the results are made available to members
  • Promotion of the younger generation of specialists through collaboration with Switzerland’s technical colleges and universities
  • FKH provides a forum where specialists can contact one another and where business contacts can be initiated within the industry


The annual FKH subscription for corporate membership is based on the member company’s code that determines the number of votes allocated to it at Electrosuisse.
The minimum annual subscription is two contribution units of CHF 1,300.00. Should you be interested, we shall be glad to send you the provisions governing membership contributions.

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