High Voltage Testing and Engineering Commission



The High Voltage Testing an Engineering Commission (FKH) pursues non-profit scopes of engineering research and development as well as the supply of services over the area of electricity supply and high voltage technology. The function of the association shall forward the capability of and secure the electrical supply. The cooperation with technical colleges shall be encouraged in addition as well as the junior engineers with the offer of practice related operations. The aims of the FKH are exclusively oriented toward technology. She doesn’t have any commercial aims. The funds of the association have to be used according to the articles of the association.

Organisation of FKH


FKH offers its services in compliance with internationally recognised business standards and operates a management system certified to ISO 9001 and ISO45001.


The Insulating Oil Laboratory is accredited as a testing laboratory for insulating oil and Buchholz gas as per standard ISO/IEC 17025.




  • 2784Däniken logistics centre with depot and experimental workshop
  • Laboratory for insulating oil analyses and special experiments on insulating materials (dielectric-chemical and spectroscopic methods using GC, HPLC and FTIR)
  • Däniken open-air test site with 1 MV test transformer
  • Small laboratory with partial discharge measurement facility
  • Mobile, modular system of series resonance test rigs with resonance chokes (total 30 units), 4 resonant supply sources, accessories for corona-free test setups; tests with apparent power of up to 25 MVA and voltages of up to approx. 800 kV are possible
  • Test source for excitation and partial discharge measurement of large transformers in situ, with a frequency converter and step-up transformer
  • Mobile impulse generator for lightning surge, switching and oscillating surges up to peak values of 1,200 kV and charging energy of up to 40 kJ
  • Grounding measurement system for measurement currents of up to 200 A
  • Test van and trailer with towing vehicle
  • Extensive technical measurement equipment for insulation diagnostics, grid transients and EMC measurements
  • Collections of specialist literature, standards and scientific calculation programs

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